Professor Angel Sound



Professor Angel Sound (Angel Francisco López) formerly known as Professor Angel Dust, born in Mexico city, studied in Canada Experimental Arts at Ontario College of Art, moved to Barcelona, Spain where he became one of the founders of the electronic music scene and a top DJ and producer, he’s now imprisoned in Panama since 2008.

He was in charge with his brother Delippo of the legendary Bongo Lounge at La Paloma in Barcelona for 7 consecutive years. Released material in major labels (Virgin and Warner) and independent labels ( Cosmos Records, So dens, Actua recordings, Ninth wave records and Post World industries ) He has performed all over the world in festivals , venues and special events until his incarceration. Has his own independent hip-hop label, R.I.C.O. entertainment where he released material as a production team called Pachecos and has composed original soundtracks for movies and Television series

He is currently running the program that he created inside prison, R.A.M. (Rehabilitation Through Music) has achieved to build a full professional recording studio in El Renacer, rehabilitation Center, Panama where the R.A.M. program takes place, has recorded over 150 songs.

Last December the Go EP including remixes of top bass world producers was release in Post World Ind. Cojelo EP will be his the second release in Post World Ind.