27 August 2012

Captain’s logbook

Welcome to our boat !


Dearest comrades, friends, pros, music lovers and simple random visitors, the Post World Industries ship is en route.

We've spent the last year building our dream, pushing forward with no sail, but today we are ready to unfurl them and catch the wind. We'll have to row a bit too, because we're going against the tides.

For those who don't know, Post World Industries has a long history. For over ten years we've been releasing music and trying to make a difference. We salute our ancestors, the Infernal Noise Brigade and Tchkung! Three cheers!

They have passed the baton onto me with a mission: to create a virtual home for artivists and to act as guardian of the PWI diaspora.

I feel so fortunate to be able to share this voyage with two artists who I admire as a fan, Filastine and Maga Bo, and even more amazed for all the blind faith they've put in my work.

For me, PWI goes far beyond the aesthetics of genre. My purpose is not so much to publish a specific type of music as it is to promote a message, a lifestyle, a dream.


And this is my dream.

All aboard, and let the party begin!



Welcome to our boat !

Estimados camaradas , amigos, pros , amantes de la musica o simplemente visitantes aleatorios, el barco de Post World Industries se encuentra finalmente navegando.

Nos ha costado un año construir nuestro sueño, esta nave ha navegado sin velas pero al fin podemos desplegarlas y dejarnos empujar por el viento . Más que navegar diría remar , remar contracorriente .

Para quien no lo sepa , Post World industries tiene un linaje muy antiguo , más de 10 años editando música y marcando la diferencia . Desde aquí saludo a nuestros ancestros Infernal Noise Brigade y Tchkung ! Salute !

Ellos me han pasado el testigo encomendándome la misión de crear un hogar virtual para los artivistas y ser guardiana de la diáspora de PWI .

Me siento afortunada de compartir el viaje con dos artistas que admiro y soy fan , Filastine y Maga Bo y más abrumada me siento por toda la confianza ciega depositada en mi trabajo .

Para mi pwi va mucho más allá de la estética de los generos , mi proposito no es editar un tipo específico de música sino un mensaje , un estilo de vida , un sueño .

Y,este es mi sueño . Bienvenidos a bordo , que empiece la fiesta!

18 August 2012

Filastine & Nova tour Asia/Australia JAN--MAR 2013 now booking.

After the U.S and European tour , Filastine and Nova will be touring Asia and Australia . You can find all the information in BOOKINGS menu, or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

01 July 2014

Filastine Aphasia EP

Spin Magazine debut Filastine´s Requiem 432 video.  "Barcelona musician Filastine makes dystopian bass music for crumbling urban futures. On Aphasia, his latest release for Post World Industries, the producer collapse sounds associated with disparate geographies..."  Click on the picture below to enter the dystopic funeral march.

Filastine Nova Requiem

26 April 2014

Filastine Kickstarts a Requiem

A funeral party for the age of materialism. Decadence, dust, gold & ashes. Luxury survivalism in Cities of the Dead.

Help produce the latest audiovisual artwork by Filastine.

Requiem is a funeral procession for the paradigm of materialism, a swan song for a ravaged planet, a warning of a possible dark future if we continue to prioritize wealth at the expense of life.

Requiem is shot in the style of a disorientalist gothic western. Graveyards are innately gothic. Cinephiles will recognize the influence of Sergio Leone. The setting is neither the east nor west, heaven or hell, but a purgatory, a crack in geography.

See the full campaing with video previews.

We filmed in two cities of the dead: Cairo's squatted necropolis and the  tower block tombs of Montjuic in Barcelona. These were difficult places to work, so we didn't risk fundraising until we finished the shooting. We are ready to edit and need your help to cover the filming debts and move forward with post-production.

Although we've been super-efficient (nearly all the labour is volunteered) this fundraiser is to cover the unavoidable fixed costs such as transport, food, bribes, burnables & equipment rental. The true production cost is far higher than this campaign's goal, so please don't hesitate to give beyond the goal. Donors will be the first to get the new EP featuring Requiem and three more new tracks. 


14 August 2012


Outernational bass music nomad Filastine ups the ante with £00T. Fractured post-dubstep beat innovations support delicate string arrangements. Overdriven bass synths battle pentatonic gong patterns. Listen closely and listen loud.

Looting from the coffers of hip-hop, moombahton, dubstep and cumbia, Filastine keeps the bass pressure pumping and drums up front. But any similarity to club music genres ends quickly. While a growing tropical bass movement hypes a pan-global dance party, Filastine blazes a different path. Intricate polyrhythms, muted balkan trumpets, ephem- eral soundscapes, and unique vocal contributions push this album off the known map into uncharted musical territory.

Introduction No Step will test your speakers for the album that follows. Gendjer2 and Colony Collapse are the fruit of a tight collaboration with Indonesian indy rapper Nova. She contributes lush 60’s R&B harmonies and megaphone-filtered rhymes.

Filastine’s time in Asia also brings a featuring from Japan’s chief rap dadaist ECD. In Lost Report hear him shouting against nuclear contamination over a dirty bass hook and the stuttered clicks of a geiger counter. These onsite collaborations were recorded everywhere from ware- houses to rainforests, then painstakingly mixed over the course of 2011 in a rooftop studio in the muslim quarter of Barcelona, with breaks to participate in the Spanish uprisings of last year.

Throughout the album Filastine leverages rhythmic expertise that he’s gathered far and wide, from the tiny Moroccan village of Jajouka to the coke-fueled parades of Rio de Janeiro. Echoes of Filastine’s old marching band, the Infernal Noise Brigade, propel the drum corp juke of Circulate False Notes and the glitch-crunk of Skirmish. Even Filastine’s years as a taxi driver are audible in the field recordings of radio static, street noises and polyglot collages. £00T comes with a grip of videos and graphics that riff on concepts from the Arab spring to ecological and financial collapse. With a CD design doubling as utopian money, the album launches alongside a currency for a near-future network of clandestine floating cities.

In 2006 DJ Rupture presented Filastine’s first album, Burn It. 2009’s follow-up, Dirty Bomb, brought nearly 300 invitations to perform, from Tasmania to Tunisia, with some gigantic tours in the USA supporting artists like Bassnectar. £00T completes the trilogy and launches an- other world tour. A new re-tooled live set uses custom software to pull off some deep AV madness, and sees Filastine expanding to tour as a duo, always joined onstage by vo- calist Nova or one of the collaborating cellists from the album. Expect them everywhere.

02 October 2012

Filastine Showcase In Monkey Week

October means showcases!

Post Wolrd Industries will be showcasing Filastine at Monkey Week trade in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain. 

Our showcase will take place :




See you there ! 

More info at:


02 September 2012

Gypsy Box Oficial Showcase at Womex 2012

Post World Industries Agency will be showcasing with Gypsy Box at the world music expo Womex 2012 .

Here all the oficial showcases of 2012 :

showcase trailer

See you in Thessaloniki ! 

16 August 2012

New album Maga Bo - Quilombo do Futuro

New album Maga Bo - Quilombo do Futuro
Quilombo do Futuro dives deep into afro-Brazilian rhythms and sound system culture. It’s the roots of the terreiro growing and overtaking the asfalto. Crumbling it bit by bit. Life that springs from urban decay. Coco, maculelê, samba, jongo and capoeira meet ragga and dub, hip hop and kuduro, grime and dubstep. Organic elements combined with electronic production to bring the punch and power for big sound systems, this is serious batucada and bass, mids, treble. TUDO.

Maga Bo has performed and worked in over 40 different countries – from Delhi to Sydney, Berlin to Addis Ababa, New York City to Brasília, all the while keeping his feet (and ears) firmly planted in the sonic axis RJ/SP/BA – Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador. Inspired as much by his experiences touring internationally in the global beats and bass world as his time spent in the traditional Afro-Brazilian roots scene in Rio de Janeiro, Quilombo do Futuro offers a careful juxtaposition of raw, heavy bass with organic, instrumental and vocal subtlety. Far from relying on pre-made loops of “Brazilian” drums or other shallow cultural signifiers, this album was recorded with some of the most original and brightest musicians in Brazil today.

Working with celebrated Brazilian musicians, BNegão, Gaspar, Lucas Santtana and Marcelo Yuka, the record also brings in new talents, Funkero, Biguli and one of the most innovative groups in Brazilian music today, BaianaSystem. Bo's mestre of capoeira angola, Mestre Camaleão, brings the berimbau while Rosângela Macedo's vocals hold down tradition. Guyanese Brooklynite, Jahdan Blakkamoore, and Panamanian Chicagoite, MC Zulu, bring the dancehall vibe to riddims that most don't even try to touch. All percussion was tracked and produced by Maga Bo and his long time partner in riddim, percussionist and fellow carioca, João Hermeto.

A quilombo was an autonomous, fugitive settlement founded by ex-slaves and others in colonial Brazil. The Quilombo do Futuro is more than a possible physical space. It is a potential worldwide agglomeration of cultural resistance. After centuries of wealth generated by an economy built on slavery (and the subsequent post-abolition adaptations), the Quilombo do Futuro is a break from this legacy. Fortified by an international community based on plurality, inclusive democracy and direct communication, cultural resistance is paramount in creating a sustainable, healthy existence in the face of worldwide corporate domination.

Born in the United States and based in Rio de Janeiro since 1999, Maga Bo has collaborated with Mulatu Astatke, Issa Bagayogo, Bollywood star Shilpa Rao, BaianaSystem as well as releasing critically acclaimed remixes for Poirier, Luisa Maita, Filastine, Blick Bassy and Bomba Estéreo. His music and remixes have also been released on Tru-Thoughts, Ninja Tune, Cumbancha, Dutty Artz, World Connection and many others. Among his manyinternational tours, he has performed at the Sydney Festival, WOMEX, Club Transmediale and Mundial.

20 August 2012


We are back with a new website and releases in 2012. Some hippies say the world is going to end this year, we say it's already over. PWI gives you swan songs for the beauty that's gone, and beats for raving in the rubble.

26 April 2014

The Sound of Killing Mixtape

(hey Grey, let's separate out tracklist from liner notes.   


Stage Boundary Songs  tracklist

The Act of Killing audio excerpt- TV Talkshow host: "Ladies and Gentlemen we meet again"

Pattie Bersaudara - Pergi Ke Bulan   "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 FIRE! "  

Yanti Bersaudara- Djangger  

Lilis Suryani- Genjer Genjer (aka Gendjer-Gendjer)

Filastine & Jessika Kenney- Fitnah

A. Rafiq- Pantun Berjudi

White Shoes and Couples Company- Tjangkurileung

Euis Komariah & Yus Wiradiredia- Pengkolan

Yanti Bersaudara- Anggrek Merah

Sitompul Sisters- Solei Solei

Rully Shabara & Wukir- Senyawa

Anto Baret - Ken Arok

Artmoschestra - Madurasa

Filastine- Jakarta train station field recording 

Djuhana Sattar- Pandangan Menggoda

Mang Koko- Sabilulungan

Gamelan Ubud- Queen Mother's Funeral Procession

The Act of Killing audio excerpt- a paramilitary group leader accidentally speaks the truth "it's very important that youth can remember, that the future not forget this history"

Lilis Suryani- Ontoek PJM Presiden Soekarno

Wukir Suryadi- Kereta Tak Berhenti Lama

Madesya Group & Aan Darwati - Sapu Nyere Pegat Simpay

Filastine & Nova- Gendjer2

Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang- Kidung




LINER NOTES) italics are texts that need work


The Act of Killing-   TV Talkshow host: "Ladies and Gentlemen we meet again"  


Pattie Bersaudara - Pergi Ke Bulan   "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 FIRE! "  


Yanti Bersaudara- Djangger  

Like many of the track in this mixtape, this song comes off some 60's-era vinyls collected by the Museum Musik Indonesia in Malang. This album is warped slurring and pitch drift, making this incredible song even more dreamy. In Balinese so we can't tell you what the lyrics are.


Lilis Suryani- Genjer Genjer (aka Gendjer-Gendjer)

An innocent song about an edible wild plant, the songwriter Mohamed Arif was arrested in 1965 and never seen again.

Gendjer-Gendjer was used as an anthem by Gerwani, the women's organization of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). This song was banned after the coup, except for it's use in the anti-communist propaganda film G30S PKI, broadcast yearly as required viewing on a national holiday.  


Filastine & Jessika Kenney- Fitnah

Fitnah means false accusation, sedition, tribulation. A collaboration with Jessika Skeletalia Kenney from the album Dirty Bomb (2009) that now finds a perfect home in this mixtape. The tune and lyrics are traditional: "Fitnah (false accusation) is worse than murder. Sharper than a sword, more vicious than a lion"


A. Rafiq- Pantun Berjudi

The chorus goes like this: "If whiskey wasn't haram (forbidden) I'd have a swimming pool of it inside my house"


White Shoes and Couples Company- Tjangkurileung

We aren't sure if they are on the vanguard of a whole movement to rediscover this classic 60's Indonesian rock, or a unique case, but White Shoes & the Couples Company are deservedly loved in Indonesia right now. See them here performing this song on TV.


Euis Komariah & Yus Wiradiredia-   Pengkolan

If this song doesn't make you cry than maybe your tear ducts are broken.


Yanti Bersaudara- Anggrek Merah

more spooky harmonic psychedelia


Sitompul Sisters- Solei Solei

Sumatran pop from the mid 60's, this would have been on the radio around the time Anwar Conga & friends were at their peak thuggery.


Rully Shabara & Wukir- Senyawa

Collaboration between two heavyweights in the broad noise/punk/experimental music scene of Jogyakarta. See this interview and video


Anto Baret - Ken Arok

The lyrics are about Ken Arok, a peasant that assassinated the king of the Java and founded the Singasari Empire.  

The singer/composer is Anto Baret is an advocate for street musicians that founded Bulungan, a social center in Jakarta where criminals can learn music and become buskers. This song features guitar by Toto Tewel,   perhaps Indonesia's most famous guitarist… and Nova's dad. His rock bands SWAMI and Elpamas were often banned during the New Order era.


Artmoschestra - Madurasa

In their own words, "a group artmusik backgrounds will search the social space that is not stable in this pluralistic interaction sometimes requires a lot of energy thinking very big in translating keruang arts… we try to align the major kambiun minor, harmonic, disharmonis it into something wonderful"


Filastine- Jakarta train station

recorded with mobile phone (2008)


Djuhana Sattar- Pandangan Menggoda

This sounds very Indian because it comes from the brief period between colonialism and dictatorship, when a powerful vision of pan-third world solidarity emerged. In 1955 Indonesia's first president Sukarno joined invited leaders from across the developing world to meet in Bandung, Java, later the he'd be part of the the anti-imperialist all stars team along with Nehru from India, Nasser from Egypt and Yugoslavia's Tito, in founding the Non-Aligned pact. After this brief period of cultural fusion Indonesia's pop music would never be the same.

Pasted Graphic.tiff ¬

Mang Koko- Sabilulungan

We wish we knew more about this Sundanese indy gem.


Gamelan Ubud- Queen Mother's Funeral Procession

A marching gamelan plays as a corpse-bearing tower is paraded then burned. From the field recordings of photographer Steven Miller


The Act of Killing-   a paramilitary group leader accidentally speaks the truth "it's very important that youth can remember, that the future not forget this history"  


Lilis Suryani- Ontoek PJM Presiden Soekarno

A syrupy praise song to socialist president  Sukarno. In hindsight this song is drenched with irony, because Lilis Suryani later sang patriotic ballads for the New Order.


Wukir Suryadi- Kereta Tak Berhenti Lama

Wukir uses home made instruments of bamboo and recycled metals, records brilliant lofi compositions


Madesya Group & Aan Darwati - Sapu Nyere Pegat Simpay

Jaipong is freakishly strange music that somehow became the pop soundtrack of Sunda (west Java). With roots in a deliberate movement to modernize and re-popularize indigenous art forms over western imports, Jaipong that has flourished despite the dismantling of this agenda after 'the 65 coup,   more about it here


Filastine & Nova- Gendjer2

Our version of this song with such a deep history.


Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang- Kidung

Jessika is an avant-garde vocalist that used to live in Java, where she sang with everything from death metal to televised performances of intricate classical music.

17 January 2013

Widespread £00Ting Across Asia-Pacific

Filastine (with Nova) begin 2013 with a massive tour spanning five nations in the Asia-Pacific.

RSI - Jakarta ID 28/12/12
Oxen Free - Yogyakarta ID 31/12/12
Liquid - Semarang ID 08/01/13
Level - Malang ID 16/01/13
Nen's Corner - Surabaya ID 18/01/13
Betelnut - Ubud, Bali ID 19/01/13
Rainbow Serpent- AU 26/01/13
RSF afterparty - Melbourne AU 01/02/13
Kulchajam - Byron Bay AU 03/02/13
The Standard - Sydney AU 08/02/13
Substation - Singapore 09/02/13
TBA (X'ian or Guangzhou) CN 21/02/13
Temple - Beijing CN 22/02/13
Dada - Shanghai CN 23/02/13
Hidden Agenda - HK 24/02//13
Graf Club - Fukuoka JP 26/02/13
Metro - Kyoto JP 01/03/13
Club Asia - Tokyo JP 02/03/13
TBA - Sapporo JP 08/03/13
TBA- second Hokkaido City JP 09/03/13
Bali Spirit - Bali ID 19-24/03/13