26 April 2014

Filastine Kickstarts a Requiem

A funeral party for the age of materialism. Decadence, dust, gold & ashes. Luxury survivalism in Cities of the Dead.

Help produce the latest audiovisual artwork by Filastine.

Requiem is a funeral procession for the paradigm of materialism, a swan song for a ravaged planet, a warning of a possible dark future if we continue to prioritize wealth at the expense of life.

Requiem is shot in the style of a disorientalist gothic western. Graveyards are innately gothic. Cinephiles will recognize the influence of Sergio Leone. The setting is neither the east nor west, heaven or hell, but a purgatory, a crack in geography.

See the full campaing with video previews.

We filmed in two cities of the dead: Cairo's squatted necropolis and the  tower block tombs of Montjuic in Barcelona. These were difficult places to work, so we didn't risk fundraising until we finished the shooting. We are ready to edit and need your help to cover the filming debts and move forward with post-production.

Although we've been super-efficient (nearly all the labour is volunteered) this fundraiser is to cover the unavoidable fixed costs such as transport, food, bribes, burnables & equipment rental. The true production cost is far higher than this campaign's goal, so please don't hesitate to give beyond the goal. Donors will be the first to get the new EP featuring Requiem and three more new tracks.