Infernal Noise Brigade - The final recordings


In May 2006, the INB suddenly but deliberately made the decision to cease to exist. A massive wake and funeral was planned in Seattle, Cascadia, the INB's place of birth place. Hundreds of fans, devotees and over 70 far flung alumnus from its 7 year existence came flooding in for one last celebration and the band was cremated in a massive funeral pyre amidst rejoicing and revelry. 

This recording was made at a maintenance garage in an afternoon one week prior to the group's death. It was then shelved for over a year and later mixed in the Belgrade public library. Featuring tighter compositions and an expanded brass section, this record contains many unreleased tracks and some reworked classics. It also includes a pair of tracks recorded live in a juvenile prison, where the enthusiastic shouting of the prisoners almost drowns out the music. 

But wait, there it more. A super fucked up bonus track- the soundtrack to the Infernal Noise fashion exhibit. 
Post World Industries Catalog ID: PWI081 UPC: 844185079433